More Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Incorporate Alternative Therapies

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Many people struggle with substance abuse and addiction for years before finally making long-lasting progress toward recovery. While a single relapse should never be taken as an overly inauspicious sign, thinking about how particular takes on treatment have worked will always be advisable.

Those who get the right treatment for their needs and personalities tend to be much more likely than others to finally achieve success. As a look at the options at will show, supplementing a well-designed drug rehab program with holistically oriented services and support can be worth considering.

Going Beyond the Well Established Basics of Addiction Treatment and Therapy

Most rehab programs today include a mixture of medical services and various forms of conventional therapy. These two cornerstones of the modern approach to addiction treatment should rarely be overlooked or neglected.

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At the same time, increasingly many believe that more spiritually informed treatments and activities have plenty to offer to addicts, as well. Some of the kinds of services that are most often offered and utilized in holistic rehabilitation programs include:

Acupuncture. The Chinese art of acupuncture has a history stretching back thousands of years. Its principles stem from ancient research into what many alternative healers believe are the body’s inherent energetic centers. By carefully placing tiny needles in selected loci of the body, practitioners of acupuncture hope to shore it up and provide increased strength and resilience to their patients.

Biofeedback. One of the reasons why addiction is frequently so difficult to overcome is that it fights back in many different ways. The discipline of biofeedback focuses on endowing students with new tools for mastering their involuntary bodily and mental reactions. Being able to calm the beating of the heart, reduce feelings of nausea, and quiet the mind simultaneously can make it much easier to keep on track with recovery.

Meditation. Even those who are most determined and disciplined sometimes find themselves succumbing to negative thoughts in the course of addiction treatment. Learning how to calm the mind even in the face of compelling urges and pressures can make recovery more likely.

Yoga. Experiencing new levels of health and energy will often make it easier to keep focused on the goal of lifelong recovery. By making the body more flexible and vigorous, yoga can contribute significantly.

Many More Ways to Fight More Effectively Against Addiction

With these being only a few of the alternative treatments and activities that are now available in many holistic rehab programs, possibilities truly abound. Having access to an especially suitable selection of such options can make a real difference.

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